Haha we tofaha - 2005

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Haha we tofaha - 2005
  • Director: Akram Farid
  • Written by: Bilal Fadl
  • Release Date: Saturday, 31 December 2005
  • Cast: Yasmin Abdelaziz - Talaat Zakaria - Hassan Hosny

In a house the popular area, Abdeen, live Haha and his sister, Tuffaha, Haha works as "Nubachi" whose duty is to collect gift money thrown at belly dancers, at wedding parties, from under the dancers, while Tuffaha works as a nurse in a hospital. A conflict arises between them about who gets to keep the family home, as Haha wants to get married a live in it, and Tuffaha is in love with Fawzi, a gas cylinder mobile salesman, and wants to marry him and live in family home, but Haha disapproves this relationship.


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