El Talata Yeshtghalonha -2010

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El Talata Yeshtghalonha -2010
  • Director: Ali Idris | Lamia Adel
  • Written by: Youssef Maaty | Ayman Bahgat Amar
  • Release Date: Thursday, 03 June 2010
  • Cast: Yasmin Abdulaziz - Salah Abdallah - Hala Fakher - Mohamed Lotfy - Lotfy Labib - Ragaa El Geddawy

Events revolve around the conflict between the girl and three men at one time, resulting in a lot of positions of comedy which addresses a new phenomenon and a serious Eastern societies and is the adoption of most young people in this age of the girls, whether sisters or granules, or even friends - physically unusually Eastern communities in the previous eras, where the young man is no longer ashamed to get money from his sister or his lover or girlfriend


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