Yasmin Mohamed Abdelaziz
 Nationality: Egyptian
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
Born in: 16, jan,1980 her astrological sign is 


she started working in advertising at age 13 years by help of mother’s friend who manage an advertising company then she was candidate to act in cinema and television in (a woman from age of love) series which made great success to her .also she studied business administration in modern academy in maadi 

Her social life:
Married and has children of Jasmine and Saif elddin.

her works :
Year movie

2014 (Gawaza Meery )
2012( miss  Mamie)
2010 (the three fools her)
2008( nanny Dodi)
2007( Dr Omar”gang)
2007( Karkar)
2006( Hostage)
2006( 7a7a we tofa7a)
2006( 1/8 dozen if evil)
2005( Farhan accomany Adam)
2005 (Karim's womans)
2005 (Zaki Shan)
2004( Saye3 Bahr)
2002( brave heart)
2001( rasha gare2a)
2001( Jala Jala)
2000 (kadar emra2a)
1999 (ganon l haya)

Her series:
2002 dancing on escalators
2002 Ramadan Quiz - The Kids Become crazy
1998 a woman from age of love
1998 cat and mouse


Year play
2003( Keda okay)
1999( rod kardi)


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